Jan 13, 2013

Natural Living

natural living
Today's post is by Haley from Natural, Fit and Frugal.  She is such an amazing inspiration when it comes to natural living.  I always enjoy reading her posts and I'm so excited to have her guest posting here today.  Please be sure to head over to her blog and follow along with her!

I am so happy to be writing for The Active Mum today. It is so funny that Aanika and I have connected because I used to live right by her and now I am on the other side of the world! So I am more than happy to share the reasons why i choose to live a natural lifestyle!

A few years back I went to the Dr for my yearly check up .  My results came back and I had high cholesterol, I think I was 28.  What?  28 with high cholesterol was not what I wanted.  My family background also includes skin cancer and I have an Aunty who battles with breast cancer.  The more I started reading the more I understood that making changes in my life could reduce the chances of  illness later in my life.

The more I read the more I realized I was digesting chemicals, rubbing them on my skin and breathing them in, WAY too much. 

There are many companies out there that will tell you their products are safe for you and your family but what they don't tell you is how the chemicals they add to their products can cause all kinds of nastiness.  They don't mention the cancer causing chemicals or the ones that disrupt our hormones!

Take parabens for example. For years we were told to lather ourselves up in sunscreen to protect our skin all the while we were rubbing cancer causing chemicals into them. Parabens have shown in studies to cause cancer, they mimic the hormone estrogen too, which has been know to play a role in breast cancer.  That is enough for me to not want them anywhere near my families skin.

Reducing chemicals in our lives make us healthier on the inside and the outside.  When you really sit down and start to think about it , they are everywhere.  Your household cleaners, your foods, the paint you put on your walls, the skincare you use and in the air we breathe.  Yes you can't not breathe air, we need it :)  But you can certainly change the other things in your home to drastically reduce the amount of chemicals in your life.

I like to think reducing chemicals is just one part of a balanced natural life, but I think it is an important part.  Along with exercise, eating well, treating your mind and body kindly and treating the environment with respect.  Living a natural life is not hard when you make small changes over time and the benefits and peace of mind sure out way anything!

I am certainly no expert but I am enthusiastic about natural living and happy to help with any questions :)