Nov 21, 2012

Running With a Jogging Stroller

running with a stroller
Photo by Josiah Mackenzie
Yesterday I reached a new goal, a 6km run behind my Valco jogging stroller!   I have really been enjoying running with my stroller, my little Miss and I are loving the sunshine, exercise and fresh air.  If you have been wanting to become more active, or have dreams of being a fit mother, then thinking some active/power walking or running behind a pram is a great place to start.  I have put a few of my favourite tips on the blog here for you:

1. Make sure your pram is designed for running/active walking

The right pram will make all the difference.  Prams designed for jogging or exercise are usually advertised as such and should be light weight and easy to maneuver.  I use a Valco 3-wheeler and it is fantastic.

2. Pick your track carefully

When pushing a pram, flat is always good.  Also consider your child's age and their needs.  Miss 17 months is is happier to sit in the pram if she knows she gets to have a play at a park, so I use a track that has a little park that we can stop and have a quick play during our run.

3. Bring plenty of snacks and water for your child

Extra nutritious snacks to nibble on will help keep your child happy for their long ride in their pram.

4. Be prepared for all weather

I permanently keep my pram's raincoat in the car in case I need it. I also have an extra blanket and wrap in case it's cool or windy. If your child is not comfortable then they won't enjoy the trip. Likewise, don't forget the sunscreen and hats for those warmer days!

5. Don't overdo it, build up slowly

Look at your goals and evaluate where you are already. Set some acheivable short-term or immediate goals that will help you reach your ultimate goal.  The quickest way to lose motivation is to overdo it and end up exhausted and sore.   If you're already walking, try adding a few minutes jogging into your walk and extend the time you jog each session. If you're not regularly walking, start with walking and build up to a jog over time.  If you are already a runner then just be mindful that running behind a pram  uses different muscles to regular running, so reduce the kilometres until your body adapts.

6. Take a good friend (or some good music)

Time flies when your having fun. I wouldn't suggest running with earphones in your ears when you have your child in the pram, but if you can play some music on your phone through it's speakers then do it, your child might even enjoy the tunes too! It's amazing how a good song can lift your mood and help you pick up the pace.

7. Consider your child's schedule

Your child won't be happy if they are hungry.  It's not always easy to work around feeds and naps so decide the time that is most practical for you. At the moment the morning works well for us because Miss 17mo can eat her morning tea in the pram while I am running.   I bring foods that my little miss can feed herself and that keeps her happy and occupied.  If your child is younger it might work well to leave straight after a feed so they have a nice full tummy.  If your still breastfeeding and worried about lactic acid build up in your breast milk, take a look at this interesting article here.

Active walking and running behind a pram is an excellent way to exercise and gets both you and baby out in the sunshine and fresh air.  I really hope these tips will help your first pram walk/run outing go as smoothly as possible.  Do you have any of your own tips? I'd love to hear them!